Ryanair carries record number of passengers last month – Global Times

This is an important story in one of China’s leading newspapers. It’s worth a read. Check it out!

via Ryanair carries record number of passengers last month – Global Times.

Whilst I would expect to see this story in Europe’s headlines, I was surprised to find it featuring highly with one of China’s top tabloids.

Perhaps, China is interested in expanding her investment in the global aviation industry?

For me, the full-service airlines have had their day. I would like to see the budget airlines, like Ryanair and Air Asia move increasingly into the long-haul market and taking further market share.

Recently, we have seen strikes from Air France and Lufhansa. This year I booked  flights with Lufthansa and had two other airlines but no Lufthansa. Surely, it’s time for the weaker full service airlines to follow the likes of PanAm in history?


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  1. Dr Alf’s musings about the weaker airlines following Pan Am into history will undoubtedly come true because profit margins already wafer thin are going to take a hammering if ISIS are allowed to create more trouble in the Middle East and through that affect the price of oil,aircraft fuel,freight charges,transport and food.
    Disposable income amongst many people who holiday frequently is falling and not rising and businesses at times like this do more conference calling and less airline travel.
    Whilst it rising amongst a smaller group of people who already have money the rise is not enough to save moribund airlines that have had their day.
    As for Ryanair,who knows?
    The Chinese might end up trying to buy it just as they have the Port Of Felixstowe,Gieves and Hawkes,Wessex Water,the infrastructure company which runs the London Underground,Harvey Nichols,Manganese Bronze(they make the iconic London Black taxis).

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