Does the UK have the unhealthiest diet in Europe?

Chef, author & restauranteur, Jp McMahon highlights that over 45% of food consumed in Ireland is ‘ultra-processed’ which leads to diabetes and obesity. But the UK is the worst in Europe by this measure. The evidence suggests that Southern Europe consumes a much healthier diet. Perhaps, this validates the famous Mediterranean diet? I wonder how North America would fair? Any thoughts?

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  1. Sadly this is the case and has been for some time.

    The evidence is clear. We, in the UK, have the fattest woman in Western Europe and the fourth fattest men. And we die off earlier than anyone else in Western Europe.

    In addition, we drink double the global average for alchohol, exceeded only by Lithuanians and have the highest sugar and salt content in the foods we cook and junk/processed foods consumed in largest quantities in Europe.

    As Dr Alf knows, from his “Hard Look” blogs, there are additional factors which make food in the UK unhealthy. 80% of the population does not know how to cook or that you should ideally dine before 7.00pm so that food is digested properly. This is compounded by drinking on an empty stomach and then eating hours later or not at all, eating food saturated with rape seed /vegetable oil as opposed to olive oil and the consumption of sugary drinks often complete with fluoride and aspartame. This last substance was developed for the Pentagon as a biological warfare agent by a company which had Donald Rumsfeld on its board.

    The NHS and the Department of Health does not regard food as medicine, which means that UK patients have a longer recovery time and in many cases do not recover, thus making UK hospitals “the last stop” before death.

    Cooking or preparing food in aluminium saucepans causes dementia (the UK’s number one killer), microwaving food can cause cancer and drinking soup or soft drinks from an aluminium can is equally dangerous. For that reason any soup I eat is either home made or is Baxster’s soup in a steel can.

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