Opinion – Given time Ed Miliband’s newfound self-belief could turn into charisma | John Crace | Politics | The Guardian

Surely this headline could only come from the Guardian? The article is worth a read. Check it out!

via Given time Ed Miliband’s newfound self-belief could turn into charisma | John Crace | Politics | The Guardian.

Makeovers by PR professionals surely will not deceive the UK public? Perhaps, people need reminding that ‘Red Ed’ teamed up with the big-unions and stabbed his own brother in the back to become leader of the UK’s Labour Party. This is the same national leader who forgot his lines related to the economy at a Labour Party Conference.

In my mind, Red Ed is politically toxic and a coalition of the Labour Party with the Scottish National Party would be seriously bad for the UK. I predict a downgrade in the national credit rating, a fall in the Pound and a big sell off of UK shares.

Perhaps, the Telegraph should run a story entitled ‘Red Ed rides again?’

Would you trust ‘Red Ed?’


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  1. ET Barnham the circus promoter once said that “There was one born every minute” and “Never give a sucker an even break”.

    The Guardian and too many of its readers and people in this country are still labouring under the delusion that something can be had for nothing.

    Dr Alf wonders whether Ed Miliband will take the public in ,sadly he has succeeded already and he is not remotely American looking or sounding but I do see shades of the “New Nixon ” campaign minus the 2 o’clock shadow.

    People claim to want a better funded NHS with all the drugs available that are needed.

    They seem unable to grasp that Miliband by promising to cap drug company profits by 5% will ensure
    that the flow of new life saving drugs will dry up.


    Because it costs £1.5 million gbp to get a new drug tested via clinical trials,marketed ,developed and ready for use and approval in this country.

    Capping the profits will stem the flow but of course Miliband is to be trusted.

    People forget with the NHS that the number of managers rose by 225% under Tony Blair in a Government where Miliband and Balls were an integral part and they forget too that NHS productivity fell under the Wanless Review commissioned by Gordon Brown and after the injection of £7 billion gbp without reform.

    People think that debts can be magicked away with a stroke of a pen and that the rich are going to bail them out.

    Do they seriously think that someone like Sir Philip Green who has created 100,s and thousands of jobs is going to carry on doing that if he has to pay the same rates of tax as someone who creates no jobs on PAYE?

    Miliband’s proposition is that he and others like him should do so.

    Clearly this will not happen and the nett result of any such attempt will be a flight of capital and job creating people.

    The Guardian newspaper group which supports Miliband does not have a single person in its senior management and board who is not Oxbridge educated and highly priveleged and Guardian Media Group is expert at the very tax avoidance that Miliband says he is committed to stopping.

    Yet we hear from him that he is “ready” to lead this country.

    He says he is against zero hours contracts yet many of the overpaid local authority apparachiks who support him use these regularly for their own staff.

    People need to understand that there is “no free lunch” and then look hard at this man who surprised his own mother and brother by his ruthlessness and who is economically illiterate.

    They should then choose the least worst alternative which is the Conservatives,possibly in coalition with 2 other parties.

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