Blair in the time of Corbyn – POLITICO

English: Politico button

English: Politico button (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This a brilliant political sketch in Politico, describing a former prime minister floundering in a climate of loathing and derision.

Source: Blair in the time of Corbyn – POLITICO

Personally, I remember well when Blair became prime minister, with a landslide majority. Being conservative in my political views, I had not voted for Blair. But I remember thinking that with such a commanding majority, Blair was in a position to do much for the UK. Many voters had looked to Blair for a better, fairer and more equal society in the UK.

Blair’s history in office is well documented – he relished in the glamor of the world stage. When Blair resigned, he was given a carefully crafted Middle Eastern role; History will again be clear on what Blair did for the Middle East. In more recent years, Blair has increased his personal wealth enormously, often associating with repressive political regimes.

Blair was educated in one of Scotland‘s most expensive schools. With his current wealth and privilege, he has returned to his roots. AND he abandoned his right to speak for Labour a long time ago.


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