Boris Johnson reveals his four Brexit ‘red lines’ for Theresa May – The Sun

The popular tabloid, the Sun, reports on an exclusive interview with Boris Johnson, the Foreign Secretary. The Sun highlights in bold print that Johnson has laid out his four red lines for Brexit, insisting the  transition period must last “not a second more” than two years. It points out that all his demands  go further than the agreed Cabinet position.

Source: Boris Johnson reveals his four Brexit ‘red lines’ for Theresa May

Reading the Sun article at face value, it’s all crystal clear. Why all the nonsense?

Johnson, as usual has no research evidence to back his views. He qualifies his argument as based on ‘talking to lots of people’. Similarly, Johnson’s argument lacks intellectual rigour, As usual, Johnson forgets that ‘the devil’s in the detail’.

The is simply Johnson challenging Theresa May’s government position, once again, for his own political aspirations. The truth, the evidence and what’s in the UK’s best interests are all subordinated. Meanwhile, the Sun smells a story that it can sell to its readers whom it mislead about the risks of Brexit.

Perhaps, the follow up will be, ‘Boris is back?’


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