By George, Britain’s Austerity Experiment Didn’t Work! : John Cassidy – The New Yorker

The New Yorker

The New Yorker (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an excellent, MUST-READ article by John Cassidy, published in the New Yorker. Check it out!

By George, Britain’s Austerity Experiment Didn’t Work! : The New Yorker.

Cassidy, a respected staff writer at The New Yorker and a columnist at Fortune, takes a hard, critical, look at George Osborne‘s economic record, and despite the UK’s return to weak growth, it makes depressing reading. Most respected economists believe that the UK has suffered unnecessary pain from excessive austerity.

Looking at the UK media on Friday, George Osborne was a national hero. It’s deeply depressing that the UK mainstream  media are not reporting objectively, citing the real evidence. It’s sad that it takes, Cassidy, a staffer on the New Yorker or an Oxford don’s blog to get a true account of economic happenings in the UK.

This leads me to a wider open question:

Why is the UK mainstream media not reporting accurately on the UK Coalition Government‘s omni-shambles across all areas of national government, exposing ideological policy rather than evidence-based policy?

Any thoughts?

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