Turkey’s Failed Foreign Policy – NYTimes.com

Map of the European Union (27) with the Republ...

Map of the European Union (27) with the Republic of Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is an outstanding, must-read article from the NYT. Check it out!

Turkey’s Failed Foreign Policy – NYTimes.com.

What worries me is that the West has neglected Turkey, whom Dr Kissinger always regarded as strategic.

Under President Obama, the Middle-East has become more dangerous.

The EU has played with Turkey over joining its club.

Now with the West’s influence over Turkey much reduced, Turkey is playing a dangerous game of political meddling in the Middle-East, with glassy-eyed visions of a restored Ottoman Empire.

As the West worries about ISIS, they should not neglect Turkey.



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  1. Dr Alf makes a very good point and Dr Kissinger is also right in that he saw and sees Turkey as strategically important.

    The mistake Western leaders make is trying to hold out for Turkey the prospect of EU membership in exchange for Turkey getting involved in Syria and other places.

    Already we see that Turkey whose Sunni Muslim population is moderate, is providing hospital treatment to ISIS fighters who supposedly want to recreate a new Caliphate.

    Turkey dreams of recreating the Ottoman Empire which we destroyed after the loss of much blood and treasure in World War 1.

    Currently ISIS is allegedly being funded by Saudi Arabia and Qatar, and the danger is then that left unchecked those countries and Turkey will then carve up or try to carve up the Middle East and detach from Russia the primarily Muslim countries on Russia’s southern border.

    Turkey up to now, has been refused EU membership because the EU is primarily a “Christian Club” or at worst a reconstituted “Holy Roman Empire” which Germany sees it’s job as running.

    If short sighted people like David Cameron were to have their way, Turkey and the Ukraine would join the EU (He has said as much in recent years). If that were to ever happen, the Turks would out-breed and outnumber the indigenous European populations in short order, and we would be inside of a Caliphate over which we would have no control.

    Turkey needs to be assisted to become a modern industrial nation in its own right, outside of the EU and not meddling in the affairs of others; David Cameron needs to be replaced; and ISIS needs to be obliterated from the face of the earth quickly and decisively.

    The oligarchies represented by Saudi Arabia and Qatar need to be replaced with regimes which are more democratic and in accordance with Western interests and Erdogan in Turkey needs to either stick to his “knitting” or be replaced.

    Our current misreading of the situation in that part of the world is creating chaos which once unleashed will be hard to stop.

    Therefore, we need to reorder the chess-pieces in one fell swoop, impose order and retain all the high cards.

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