Unemployment tops Turks’ problems list – LABOR – Hurriyet Daily News

Flag of Turkey.

Flag of Turkey. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to a recent survey, cited by Hurriyet, the leading Turkish newspaper, unemployment tops Turks’ problems list.

via Unemployment tops Turks’ problems list – LABOR.

I can understand the worries of the people in Turkey.

Turkey has grown in recent years, creating many jobs, on the back of inbound investment from major Western businesses.

But as Turkey has changed her foreign policy, Western businesses are increasing factoring in ‘political risk‘ in decisions about Turkey.

Without a clearer strategy, Turkey is likely to be regarded as more and more risky by foreign businesses. This will influence job opportunities and increase the fears of ordinary people.




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  1. Dr Alf has highlighted a difficult issue that has been caused almost entirely by President Erdogan.
    This man has made speeches suggesting that the non Muslim world dislikes the Muslim world and he has made moves to offer nursing facilities, and transport plus weapons to terrorists.

    Frankly until Turkey removes this man from office and renounces his policies they are lucky to be given the time of day let alone jobs for their people. Ordinary Turks must wake up to what this man is doing and Turkey must change direction, if it expects help or investment of any kind.

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