Almost half of Germans ‘don’t want Angela Merkel to serve another term’ – Telegraph

The Telegraph reports that some 48 per cent of those questioned in a survey for Bild newspaper say  that they do not want Mrs Merkel to continue in office after the next German election in 2017.

Source: Almost half of Germans ‘don’t want Angela Merkel to serve another term’ – Telegraph

Of course, there has been a popular backlash to Angela Merkel’s policies on refugees. She acted with the noblest of intentions, showing a modern and caring side of Germany. But it was essentially fire-fighting, rather than a robust strategy. Integrating the refugees has been harder than anticipated. The article cites a group of refugees complaing about the quality of German food – this is the beginning of the challenges.

On the other hand, Angela Merkel is an outstanding political leader and there’s nobody close to an effective political challenger. So Angela still has some wriggle room, if she wishes – she might of course say ‘enough’ but I don’t think so.

One response

  1. Dr Alf talks about integrating refugees with the “noblest of intentions” when being noble or “compassionate” at the expense of taxpayers is all too easy.
    German taxpayers and indeed taxpayers everywhere are getting a little tired of putting themselves second and “virtue signaling” by politicians even when they are as clever as Angela Merkel.
    No-one is irreplaceable and out of 80 million people Germany should be able to produce a worthy successor to this woman in the fullness of time.

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