The real loser in Barack Obama’s worldview? David Cameron. – The Washington Post

English: US President Barack Obama and British...

English: US President Barack Obama and British Prime Minister David Cameron trade bottles of beer to settle a bet they made on the U.S. vs. England World Cup Soccer game (which ended in a tie), during a bilateral meeting at the G20 Summit in Toronto, Canada, Saturday, June 26, 2010. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This article from the Washington Post is an important read. It examines Jeffrey Goldberg‘s interviews of President Obama, published in the Atlantic.

It suggests that Obama’s view of his British counterpart is remarkably bleak.

Although I am politically conservative (open this link for an analysis of my political views), I have never been a great supporter of David Cameron. He’s made lots of mistakes but to be fair to him, he has improved.

In my view, the deterioration in UK/US relations is down much more to Obama. Obama came to office with prejudiced views and had no place for the UK. History will soon be written about Obama and I personally believe it will be highly critical of Obama foreign policy.

Let’s face it, Obama has probably been America’s weakest president for a hundred years.


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  1. Dr Alf is correct about President Obama who is already speaking in a future tense and in his body language and overall demeanour has mentally left office and is riding about on a golf buggy in between making highly lucrative speeches and book tours as he cashes in on his legacy.

    Whilst in office Obama has been overly cautious and allowed Libya to descend into anarchy and through the inaction of his Foreign Secretary, Hillary Clinton, allowed his Ambassador to die needlessly rather than ordering a rescue.

    In Syria, he could have worked more closely with Russia to bring matters to an end and he had the power to reign in Turkey and the Gulf States to stop ISIS at birth rather than allowing them to rampage and regroup in Libya as has happened.

    David Cameron has improved somewhat after bringing in Gay Marriage but he too is now marking time and living in his future. His negotiating skills with the EU, if indeed he was negotiating at all, were, and are, appalling. So far, his deal is not legally binding, can be reversed wholly or in part and his “emergency brake” provides no respite from economic migrants. As things stand, he and Angela Merkel both favour Turkey’s accession to the EU by 2021 and the ONS predicts that the UK population will be at 80 million by 2025 in any event. That figure excludes the 7 million illegal migrants who are already here, increases in the longevity of the older population and the perverse effects of Turkish entry to the EU assuming the UK remains following the Referendum. So-called refugees and reclassified economic migrants will go to Turkey at taxpayers expense become Turkish citizens by dint of living there and then have right of abode anywhere in Europe. That will mean that they will come to Germany or the UK, with or without the “emergency brake” and if it is still in force these new immigrants will be able to circumvent it because:
    a) They will have been transmuted into Turkish and thus EU citizens
    b)If they are covered by “transitional arrangements” they will circumvent the emergency brake by buying spare NI numbers and bogus documentation from the various sources that I have written about in earlier guest blogs.

    David Cameron’s inaction has allowed all this to happen, so I wish him to go and get on with the new job he has been promised to make room for someone stronger who will make a better “fist” of promoting UK interests than he seems to be able to do in his “demob happy” condition which is now getting more obvious by the day.

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