National Obesity Forum campaigners quit over low-fat report – BBC News

The BBC reports that four members of an anti-obesity campaign have resigned after a controversial report suggesting low-fat and lower cholesterol diets are having “disastrous health consequences”.

Source: National Obesity Forum campaigners quit over low-fat report – BBC News

This BBC article misses the point.

The evidence is clear everywhere in the UK. People are getting fatter and their is no cohesive government policy.

It’s a disgrace for healthcare professionals to hide on the fringe of the argument. Similarly, media organizations like the BBC are hiding from telling the truth about obesity – no doubt they fear the obese as a political force.




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  1. Dr Alf is correct about the BBC fearing the obesity lobby although their supposed paymasters the Government, are fearful of the owners of the food companies, ingredients manufacturers and the chemical/seed companies like Monsanto plus of course the true decision maker about what we eat and drink,the Codex Alimentarius.

    The Government talks a lot about “productivity” and claims not to know or understand its cause but it is clear that the reason is because of poor diet, overeating and lack of exercise which has caused the UK to have the fattest woman in Western Europe and the 4th fattest men.

    The four anti obesity campaigners may well have had reasons to do with research grants or other issues of possible conflict of interest to induce them to “jump ship” midstream. Certainly, in 21 years of conducting interim work I have never walked off the job or shied away from telling, sometimes very difficult truths so one has to question their motives and who, if anyone”leaned on them”. Normally in these circumstances people resign publicly, stating why they have done so or they publish a dissenting report much in the same way as a dissenting law Lord does in parallel with a majority judgement.

    The BBC which is essentially the propaganda arm of Government, continues to report selectively, suppress the truth whenever they are told to and uses reporters to present speculation as reporting. This time they have excelled themselves by plumbing new depths of mendacity and by so doing have encouraged millions of people to lead unhealthier and shorter lives.

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