Angela Merkel and Donald Trump head for clash at G20 summit | World news | The Guardian – John Gelmini

I tend to agree with Dr Alf, the G20 is a forum which manages to generate more hot air than the Welsh Assembly and produces very little.

It is effectively a ritual in which world leaders get together in secret to deliberate what their ultimate masters have decided.

It reminds me of my former corporate life when the chief executive would preside over sector board meetings in which nothing was ever decided or allowed to be decided. He would then issue instructions on what he had decided all along.

Europe is not going to speak with “one voice”, unless it is Angela Merkel’s, and since America is now only really interested in the countries of the Pacific Rim and denying China access to Africa’s mineral resources, Donald Trump will at best pay lip service to what she says.

In the background, the march to war continues with Iran and what lies in its surrounding deserts firmly in the cross hairs. General Mattis and his co warriors have this to think about and of course the problems represented by China, Russia and North Korea.

Against these bigger geopolitical issues and the fact that Trump may not last that long in office, the West is effectively split and rudderless.

John Gelmini

One response

  1. The West is indeed “split and rudderless”, thanks to Trump. But that he won’t last “that long” in office, I’m not so sure. His tweets are getting more bizarre and scary by the minute, but I get the feeling his fans rally behind him ever more, and they’re some 40% of American voters…

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