NHS must put its house in order before seeking more cash, says internal audit | Society | The Guardian

The Guardian reports Prof Tim Briggs,  the national director of clinical quality and efficiency, saying he does not think the service deserves more money and too much is wasted on poor care.

Source: NHS must put its house in order before seeking more cash, says internal audit | Society | The Guardian

Of course, Briggs is right, and the areas that he highlights for efficiency savings and quality improvements make overwhelming good sense.

Unfortunately, the NHS is highly politicized, both internally and externally. Internally, groups of doctors, nurses and other workers are putting their own interests first believing that they can force the government to cough up more cash. Externally, Jeremy Corbyn‘s Labour Party are ready to throw more money at the NHS, irrespective of national finances, ignoring the prevailing evidence of the UK’s poor health care results compared to international benchmarks. Meanwhile, the Conservatives should have been bold with radical vision, strategy and delivery – unfortunately the Conservatives have been too weak at the knees or lacking ‘cojones’ for American readers.

This blog has repeatedly argued in favor of a new UK public healthcare system, modelled on global best practice.

But the day to day reality of the NHS is that if you have a hip or knee operating in UK public hospital, you’re at risk of getting a nasty infection. I have a friend who’s looking at a leg amputation after an infection set in after an operation – this was at a top tier hospital in a major UK provincial city.



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