Wal-Mart recalls donkey product in China after fox meat scandal | Reuters

walmart beijing

walmart beijing (Photo credit: galaygobi)

This is an important MUST-READ story reported by Reuters. Check it out!

Wal-Mart recalls donkey product in China after fox meat scandal | Reuters.

The squeamish Western reader might focus their distaste on eating donkey and fox meat. BUT there is a much larger issue concerning Walmart and their global competitors, and that is related to quality assurance. Retailers like Wal-Mart have enormous power over their suppliers, so effective quality assurance rests with the retailer – after all that’s part of the brand image.

The article also looks at the global supermarket chains competing for a share of the lucrative China market.

For me this raises an important open question:

How should the power of giant retailers, like Walmart, Carrafour or Tesco,  be effectively controlled to support the best interests of the global consumer?

Any thoughts?

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  2. Dr Alf has found a new issue of some importance to blog about but in reality it is about the oligopoly of supply chains and distribution through too few companies.

    The trend towards various scandals concerning food in the UK and now in China has to do with too much power lying in the hands of too few retailers and too much power lying in the hands of too few families who between them control what we eat, where we bank, who grows what we eat, what we read, what we drive, who makes it, what fuel we use, what we wear, who supplies it,
    how it is shipped and by what method it gets to us.

    The key to it all is more choice and more suppliers which may mean breaking up the monopolies,educating people to buy more food locally and waiting until they are in season rather than expecting to be able to get whatever we like 24/7 whether it is in season or not.

    People have to support smaller shops and stores or risk, whether it is here or China,having to buy everything from 3 or 4 large suppliers and having products homogenized to the point where scandals can happen and everything looks,tastes and is practically the same.

    Without measures to bring this about, globally we will kill all our high streets, eat questionable food from time to time and provide no future for those millennials who otherwise might have wanted to enter retailing as a career.

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