Blair branded ‘a disgrace’ for giving Kazakh dictator PR advice on massacre of civilians by his regime | Mail Online

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingd...

Tony Blair, Prime Minister of the United Kingdom 1997-2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a MUST READ article from the Mail Online.

via Blair branded ‘a disgrace’ for giving Kazakh dictator PR advice on massacre of civilians by his regime | Mail Online.

It’s hard to believe that the same person was UK Prime Minister and Leader of the Labour Party for a decade. Tony Blair’s record since leaving government seems to have been largely about making money. He was once a pivotal figure in the Middle East but these day’s his views are no longer relevant.

It is easy to blame President Obama’s change in US foreign policy for the political vacuum that has been created in the Middle East. But surely, former UK Prime Minister, Tony Blair played a more active role in creating the present series of crisis in the Middle East?

Also I speculate at how the “Tony Blair” brand will damage the UK Labour Party ahead of the next election?

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  1. Tony Blair is already disgraced over Iraq, over the Chilcott Enquiry, over the death of Dr David Kelly who supposedly managed to shoot himself from the front without leaving any fingerprints on anything including the gun that killed him.

    We now find that he allowed “On the runs” in Northern Ireland to be given quasi-immunity as part of the Northern Ireland peace process.

    Milosovic was going to have Tony Blair and Bill Clinton forced to give evidence under oath at the Hague War crimes tribunal but the Government of Serbia was given £1.6 billion gbp by the EU and then Milosevic mysteriously died, some say under dubious circumstances.

    In addition, he now works through a foundation funded by a Ukrainian oligarch.

    This latest episode is just another piece of an altogether unsavory existence.

    Dr Alf wonders what effect this might have on the re-election prospects of the Labour Party and I think those will depend on whether or not David Cameron and Ed Miliband are replaced and the state of the economy.

    The public now has little faith in politicians of all kinds and the idea of disgrace being a stigma is now a running joke because if you are disgraced you can make more money than ever,get more high powered roles than ever and live a jet-setting life.

    At some point, you will be made to pay for your misdeeds but it may be the Almighty who brings that state of affairs about rather than anyone in this world.

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