So you want to be an Independant Interim Executive?

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Dr Alf's Blog

With over twenty years experience as an IndependentInterim Executive, I am often asked by for some tips by new entrants to the industry.

I would probably ask four searching questions:

1. “Why do you want to be an Independent Interim Executive?”

I would expect the prospective candidate to be able to articulate the reasons clearly for at least ten to fifteen minutes. Anybody, who feels that it is a useful “stop-gap” until a permanent role comes along is likely to be a non-starter – prospective clients and intermediaries will want assurances and will quickly see through any “smokescreen” answers.

2. “What makes you think that you will be successful as an “Independent Interim Executive?”

Again the prospective candidate will need to have marshalled his/her argument carefully. Critical points will be: stamina, aptitude and discipline to be self-employed; risk aversion; preferably a clear marketing proposition, including branding, web-site…

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