Brexit and the Poison Chalice – Will Leadsom be the next to fall?

So far the Brexit casualties include Cameron, Johnson, Farage and Gove. In this high pressure game of musical chairs, the only one left is Andrea Leadsom. But Leadsom just like Cameron’s government does not have a plan for Brexit.

Today I have reblogged the Economist form sheets for the two candidates. with my own customary two-cents opinion added.

Between now and the decision in early September, the outlook for the UK could darken significantly. There are many threats and risks lurking out there. The government is always weak in the summer recess  but this year I sense especially so.

I suggest that increasingly the UK public will see Brexit as a poison chalice and expect that Leadsom will be the last major casualty. As a Theresa May supporter, I hope that I’m right.

I simply see Theresa May as a safer pair of hands to unite party, country and deal effectively with European allies.


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