Ex-Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King on Brexit effect on supermarkets – Business Insider

Business Insider reports that Justin King, who ran Sainsbury’s for 10 years up until 2014 and supported the Remain campaign last year, saying that the Brexit effects on supermarkets will be ‘higher prices, less choice, and poorer quality’.

Source: Ex-Sainsbury’s CEO Justin King on Brexit effect on supermarkets – Business Insider

To me this was obvious a year ago but then I’m an expert, just like my good friend and fellow blogger, John Gelmini. But last year experts were deliberately snubbed and the public were fed lies by political leaders and biased media. Now the truth is coming out and people will start to feel the pain big time.

It won’t just be the ‘Pound in their pockets’ has a poorer choice in the supermarket. They should expect increasingly widescale cuts in public services and loss of jobs to Europe and technology.

False news abounds for both the Far Left and the Far Right for whom ‘the end justifies the means’. But the truth will prevail – sadly too late for ordinary people savagely impacted by Brexit.

Conservatives are presiding over the biggest potential chaos in hundreds of years and opening the way to the ‘Pied Piper of Islington‘ to seize power. Remember, the radical left want a Marxist state, with or without revolution.


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