What Obama Faces in a Campaign Against ISIS – NYTimes.com

P091111CK-0217 President Barack Obama and Firs...

P091111CK-0217 President Barack Obama and First Lady Michelle Obama, along with former President George W. Bush and former First Lady Laura Bush, pause at the North Memorial Pool of the National September 11 Memorial in New York, N.Y., on the tenth anniversary of the 9/11 attacks against the United States, Sunday, Sept. 11, 2011. The North Memorial pool sits in the footprint of the north tower, formerly 1 World Trade Center. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a good article by the NYT, which is well worth a read. Check it out!

via What Obama Faces in a Campaign Against ISIS – NYTimes.com.

Personally, I’m not convinced that this is robust enough.

Key additional questions are:

  1. Who is in charge overall?
  2. Will the US seek UN approval?
  3. What are the objectives?
  4. What’s the time-span?
  5. How will the US avoid collateral damage?
  6. What about the politics in Syria and the Assad regime?
  7. How does this so-called strategy dovetail with US security & foreign policy?


One response

  1. Dr Alf’s 7 questions remain unanswered and in addition what is Russia,s position as Syria,s mentor?
    How will ISIS be distinguished from moderate rebels in Syria in built up areas?
    What is to be done about Saudi Arabia and Qatar who finance ISIS?
    What is the policy towards Iran,now and then later?
    What is the policy towards Assad now and later?
    Does President Obama have the answers to these questions and if he does why is he not telling us and what is the real agenda?
    Who apart from President Obama is behind the agenda given that ridding the world of ISIS will take much longer than President Obama has left in office with the measures he is proposing?
    Then what is Plan C if ISIS melts away and causes trouble somewhere else?
    If I was a betting man these measures seem to me to be a way of creating a wider Middle East War ,removing the Assad regime in the process of removing ISIS,gaining control over more oil,reordering the chessboard and creating the conditions and rationale for basing mercenary forces across the Middle East and into Africa,removing Iran from the equation and denying China mineral wealth to slow its progress.
    The trouble is I do not think they will work and others can see what I see and a lot more besides.
    President Obama needs to think again.

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