Opinion – Jeremy Corbyn faces a dozen shadow cabinet resignations – Daily Telegraph – John Gelmini

The policies Corbyn espouses are the ones that led to the 3 day week, the brain-drain and eventually the Winter of discontent.

Labour voters represent a minority in this country, which is why they were trounced at the General Election.

The public does not want dole bludgers and benefit recipients to be protected. What it wants is sound public finances, plus the police, local authorities, tube drivers to do their jobs and for the Government to create the conditions for ordinary people to get on, prosper and retain more of their income.

They do not want higher taxes, weaker defences or more quangos.

The trouble is the BBC and the left-wing media are keen on people like Jeremy Corbyn because under him they would get a fatter licence fee settlement and more money for themselves. They show Labour voters in such numbers that the casual observer might think that they represented the bulk of the UK public which they manifestly do not.

John Gelmini

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