Merkel visits Cameron for informal talks on EU, Syria | News | Deutsche Welle

According to leading German media source, Deutsche Welle, the British premier and German chancellor have discussed war in Syria, counterterrorism efforts and the European Union. DW reports that they met for discussions at the Chequers country house north of London.

Source: Merkel visits Cameron for informal talks on EU, Syria | News | DW.COM | 09.10.2015

These are tricky times for David Cameron. There is little doubt that he will campaign to stay in the EU but there is considerable doubt over the concessions that he might secure from other European countries. In the unlikely event that the UK votes to leave the UK, it will probably be a resigning matter for David Cameron.

However, Germany wants the UK to stay in the EU. It will be interesting to see how German chancellor, Angela Merkel plays her hand.


One response

  1. There is little David Cameron can do about Syria because the UK lacks the forces and can only pontificate on the sidelines and suggest things to President Obama.

    Germany needs some of the Syrian refugees to plug labour shortages and needs the UK in Europe making EU budget contributions.

    David Cameron will go because to maintain an orderly succession, a six-month lead in time is required for the heir apparent, George Osborne.

    Angela Merkel is also looking to the future but Germany will be ambivalent about Syria because it sees itself as part of an axis including Russia, China ad Brazil rather than the present Western Alliance.

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