This company wants to wire up your brain to the internet | World Economic Forum

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English: Official logo of the World Economic Forum (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Interested in technology, evolution, science, morality, religion then you must read this article from WEF.

The article suggests that we must learn from the mistakes we made with the internet, and prepare for the future of AI.

Source: This company wants to wire up your brain to the internet | World Economic Forum

This article explores whether technology should lead society. Morally, the answer has to be ‘no’ but technology and its sponsors are a powerful force. Strictly, technology should be an enabler, in my view.

Think of an Apache attack helicopter where the pilot’s weaponry is activated real-time as the pilot thinks.

Well would you really like your brain wired up to the internet?


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  1. Dr Alf brings us an interesting conundrum about man machine interfaces and the differences between Elon Musk who wants an egalitarian approach to AI and Ray Kurzweil of Google the father of Singularity 1,2,3 and 4.
    The Kurzweil approach favoured by the Bilderbergers and the Committee of 300 and the Black Nobility allows only very bright people to be selected for augmented intelligence and jobs which only cyborgs can do in a world where there will be many fewer jobs,perhaps an across the world reduction of 67% by 2033.
    This approach means fewer people and a semi feudal society with plutocrats in gated communities with private security and police,no middle class of latter day Dr Alf’s striving to break the bonds of their earlier existences through hard work,learning languages and the risky business of earning a living in a new strange land.
    Travelling to America as I did in my youth and earning a living whilst studying at night will only be an option for those with augmented intelligence and the right skills package on an injected nanochip.
    It will not be a choice for the proletariat other than by winning the National Lottery.
    Elon Musk believes in humanity although he,Branson,the late Steve Fosset and others are racing to build a Mars spaceship apiece because they wish to settle on Mars to avoid what they see as the great disorder and possibly World War 3.
    Musk wants to assist everyone through his newly acquired company by enabling them to become much better informed and through self driving cars,better battery technology and upskilling but the darker vision of the future foretold in the 1999 film the Matrix starring Keanu Reeves as “Neo” and Ironman and the Terminator series(1 to 4) is the one being proceeded with.
    This in the form of “Ironman suits” for the American military,Killer robots and a robotic dog,robotic horse via Boston Dynamics(A Google subsidiary),invisibility suits for special forces(these go back as far as 1974),plus “cloaking devices” for ships,submarines,scramjets and tanks all developed by the defence establishment for the Pentagon.
    In the end I look at Chernobyl and the fact that wolves,lynx and bears have returned there and I think that nature under the guiding hand of the Almighty is stronger than any mischief making initiated by people who see themselves as “Gods” so that before matters get out of hand more sensible thinking prevails whereby technology serves humankind as per the Elon Musk view of the world rather than ruling us for the benefit of a tiny handful of people.

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