Why Has The US Resisted Trump But The UK Acquiesced To Brexit? – Simon Wren-Lewis from Mainly Macro

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Here’s a thoughtful blog from leading Oxford macro-economist, Simon Wren-Lewis. He explores the question, ‘Will the US recover from Trump quicker than the UK can from Brexit?’

Source: Why Has The US Resisted Trump But The UK Acquiesced To Brexit?

The conclusion is that America will get over its experience with Trump and populism but the prognosis for the UK is bleak, with years of financial hardship ahead.

The British people have been duped by right-wing populism. Now there’s a risk of being hoodwinked by left-wing populism. The media are failing to cite the prevailing evidence.

Surely, it’s time for big business to apply pressure on the UK government that hard Brexit will risk jobs?


Opinion – Secret plot to oust Theresa May as ministers threaten ‘stalking horse’ if PM fails to deliver ‘hard’ Brexit – Telegraph – John Gelmini

Conservative Party (UK)

Conservative Party (UK) (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Dr Alf is right and to reinforce the point the Sunday Times has reported today that May has been given 10 days to shape up or ship.

The Leader of Kensington and Chelsea Borough Council is a Conservative and is in denial, claiming that his council is on the ground helping people, that a “Gold Command” is in place and that the tragedy is bigger than the ability of any one local authority to handle despite the fact that his council owns Grenfell Towers and all the surrounding buildings.

May’s response should have been to send in a “hit squad” to take over the management of the council and remove this man who is not up to the job.

Her second response should have been to direct the police to seize all e mails, computers, tablets, memory sticks, smartphones and paper correspondence relating to the council’s dealings with KCTMO, its contractors, subcontractors, suppliers and cladding providers as well as fire risk assessments and the paper/electronic trail between the London Fire Brigade, fire risk assessors working for KCTMO and the authority.

As things stand much of this data could go missing or get shredded but once again May is behind the “eight ball”.

So far 18 letters have been sent to the Tory backbench 1922 Committee so with 32 more, May is on the train to Maidenhead and a new era will begin.

There can be no election now because the opportunities to deal with Jeremy Corbyn have been squandered so Boris or whoever the new Prime Minister is to become will have to regain popularity by for once doing the right things.

John Gelmini