Opinion – Qatar Airways takes $1.7 billion stake in British Airways-owner IAG -Reuters – John Gelmini

Sadly Dr Alf is right.

BA for years has had stewardesses older than Methusela, who have pretensions to greatness and beauty, unsupported by the facts.

They have had lamentable customer service, truculent Trades Unions, poor working practices and as Dr Alf knows better than anyone, poor finances and competitiveness.

They claim to be the “World’s favorite airline”, another bogus claim, unsupported by the facts, despite the best efforts of Willie Walsh and his predecessor to turn things around.

The airline suffers from a layer of management that believe in their own rhetoric, when the evidence of their own eyes should tell them otherwise.

It is time they were broken up and the pieces sold to others, but not to the Qataris and despotic Arab countries, who want to fund terrorists, who are our new enemies.

John Gelmini

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