Opinion – UK Greens leader Natalie Bennett apologises after ‘one of the worst interviews ever’ – Sydney Morning Herald – John Gelmini

The comments of Natalie Bennett of the Green Party are the comments of what Stalin used to call “useful fools”.

Dr Alf may recall the comments of Caroline Lucas and people like the so-called environmentalist George Monbiot?

The common thread through all of them is the idea that we can have “localism” which creates dis-economies of scale, that we can keep a population of 70 million people in work, house them all and provide work for them all without competing on the world stage, without being competitive, without increasing our productivity and without building roads, nuclear power stations, fracking or making any hard choices.

Dr Alf’s hopes for Green Party proposals to be well thought out, risk assessed and costed were doomed not to be realized, let alone made to stand up to Nick Ferrari’s verbal onslaught.

John Gelmini

Polly Toynbee explains why the NHS should be privatised « Adam Smith Institute

Adam Smith Institute

Adam Smith Institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Libertarian UK think-tank, ASI cites left wing, Guardian journalist, Polly Toynbee, as evidence why the UK’s National Health Service should be privatized. This short read highlights the challenge.

via Polly Toynbee explains why the NHS should be privatised « Adam Smith Instit

British journalist and writer Polly Toynbee, p...

British journalist and writer Polly Toynbee, pictured at the “National Poverty Hearing” at Westminster; December 2006. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


Sadly, the political classes still don’t seem to be ready to come clean with voters about the terminal state of the NHS.

Isn’t it about time that the UK’s mainstream media, including the BBC started being more open with the public on the prognosis for the NHS?