Opinion – Mother ‘killed son by squirting liquid morphine into his mouth for a joke’ – John Gelmini

This terrible story from Dr Alf illustrates that amongst certain sections of society unparalleled stupidity and downright evil abound.

Short of re-educating the people who are prone to this sort of lunacy, the punishments need to be much more public and much more draconian and social workers and people in the judiciary need to start doing their jobs, exercising commonsense and applying Judeo Christian ethics to their decision making processes rather than what is deemed to be politically correct,unlikely to fall foul of the Human Rights Act or in line with concepts of “moral relativism”.

Certain people lack the capacity to be good parents or role models (it is not a job for people who are going to “learn on the job”) as one can discern from the lurid and disgraceful cases which the smug Jeremy Kyle unearths in both his American and UK television programs.

John Gelmini

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