David Cameron says he will not rule out Britain leaving EU | Politics | The Guardian

The Guardian reports that Prime Minister will warn European Union leaders that he might ‘think again’ about UK’s membership if demands are not met.

Source: David Cameron says he will not rule out Britain leaving EU | Politics | The Guardian

The problem with David Cameron is that the more he tries to be all things to all people, the weaker he will look. Also I worry about his negotiating skills. If matters are left to George Osborne, I tend to worry even more – Osborne focuses on politics first and strategy second for me.


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  1. Dr Alf shouldn’t worry David Cameron is a committed Bilderberger as is George Osborne who attends all their meetings.
    They want the EU to continue and be enlarged and come out with this so called threat to leave as a sop to backbenchers in the Conservative party and to growing public unease.
    In any event, David Cameron will have left Parliament for his new job long before any Referendum and his successor will, as another Bilderberger want to remain in the EU.
    As the New York Mafia used to say about rigged boxing matches where their man was going to “throw ” the fight,”The fix is in”

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