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This is an outstanding article by Barbara Wesel published by DW. She reports that in a few days’ time, Britain will vote on its future in the European Union and cautions that if they decide to leave, this might turn out to be the biggest mistake in recent European history.

Source: Opinion: Brexit will be a big mistake | Opinion | DW.COM | 17.06.2016

The conclusion is that hopefully voters will, at the last moment in the polling booth, shy away from destruction.

Whilst I agree with the thrust of the argument in this article, I think that Ms. Wesel misses an important point. David Cameron called the referendum after he returned from negotiations with EU partners. Had the EU, especially Germany, been more accommodating to the UK, then perhaps UK voters could have been assured. There is still room for major intervention from Germany and France. A last minute bonus on restricting immigration to the UK could sway the result of Brexit.



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  1. Ms Wesel misses several important points in her DW article, which Dr Alf has brought to our attention, apart from the obvious one cited by Dr Alf which is that Chancellor Merkel gave David Cameron practically nothing in his so called attempts at renegotiation.

    Those of us on the other side of the Brexit argument are not all florid faced horny handed sons of toil who the world has passed by who were once fishermen, coal miners and people who who have never travelled, never been to Europe, never worked internationally and never listened to Mozart. The people she writes about do exist but they are but one segment of a much bigger whole. She writes about the “self serving elite” as if it did not exist but every year the Bilderbergers meet and this year it was in Dresden Germany under heavy military security.

    Most of the people at that meeting listed on the Bilderberg Meetings website are the same people who have been promoting EU enlargement up to the Russian border, the European Army, fast tracking of Turkey’s application for EU membership. They include all the European leaders, Reid Hoffman, CEO of Google, Christine Lagarde of the IMF, George Osborne, the UK Chancellor, and Paul Krugman who writes on economics for the New York Times. A few of us take the trouble to see who attends these meetings and then to compare their stated agendas with what they say and do in their publicly known positions. That process of comparison is instructive. An EU Army has been planned, a second round of EU enlargement has been planned, TTIP has been planned and tax harmonisation has been planned. Currently the EU is £4.4 trillion GBP in debt, is facing further Greek bailouts and serious problems in Portugal and Italy and has created no nett new jobs in 30 years. The UK supposedly had the “fastest growing economy in Western Europe” and according to George Osborne was highly successful; now he wants us to believe that if we vote to leave the EU on June the 23rd, something that requires at least a two year notice period that we are suddenly going to be £30 billion GBP worse off and will need to be subjected to an emergency budget. This is simply not credible and would not go through anyway because the Conservative majority in the House of Commons is not big enough. Secondly,I seem to remember people like Paul Krugman arguing against further austerity when people like me were saying inflict austerity very severely for no more than two years but combine it with measures to stimulate exports and inward investment. Not all of us want Boris either; Andrea Leadsom makes for a better, smarter choice. So no, we have read what DW says,listened to Bilderbergers, understood where they are coming from, and arrived at a different conclusion.

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