Ministers feud over migrants message – Telegraph

This is a truly amazing and MUST READ article from the Telegraph. Check it out!

via Ministers feud over migrants message – Telegraph.

Personally, I think the latest initiative of David Cameron’s Government is a waste of money. In addition, Cameron is promising to cut numbers of immigrants by 2015 yet most MPs would argue that statistics on illegal immigration are seriously inaccurate; so this is more nonsense. In the last ten years, the Home Office has completed failed in its policy of halting, punishing and repatriating illegal immigrants.

Let ask the following open question:

How should the UK Government effectively stop illegal immigration and deal with the illegal immigrants already in the UK?

Home Office

Home Office (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

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  2. The immigration problem now Britain is facing, is this not the outcome of the past generation passing the buck as a problem for future generations to resolve, one way to resolve this flow is to diminish the haves and have not’s in relation to those who flee from the country of origin to have better living conditions, instead of bombing people and sending them to the stone age transfer wealth from military expenditure and assist those who are in dire straights? no to hard for the head to get around? OK keep up the good work boys.

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