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English: diagram showing the process of brain ...

English: diagram showing the process of brain drain (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

See excellent graphics and short article highlighting mobility of professionals within Europe, with the UK net importer of teachers, doctors, nurses, physios and dentists. Check it out!

via Where the European brains move | Forum Alpbach.

As I reflected on this excellent article my mind shifted to an open question:

What happened to the UK’s own supply of teachers, doctors, nurses, physios and dentists?


2 responses

  1. Don Wreford makes telling points but the rich are now more powerful than ever and have the ability to enrich themselves further by using robots to do the work once done by people,to hide their money offshore and weaken those at the bottom.
    They in effect are the new feudal barons minus chain mail and any belief in Judeo Christian philosophy,compassion,concern for others or ethics.
    They instead follow the Crowley/OTO doctrine of “Do as thy will and be the whole law”.
    Dr Alf wonders where all these people have gone and I can tell him that a large number of English doctors,nurses and dentists have gone to America and Australia to practice.
    Teachers leave the profession to either retire or become educational consultants,training instructors or life coaches and physios become personal trainers.

  2. The brain drain, a likely contribution to this demise is the energy to keep people in their place, by the ruling elite to create a sub class for the purpose of this group to defend its privileged position, and the control of sub standard food, for the masses, to slowly destroy the ability to think clearly and thus further threaten a tenuous group who have in the past having used coercion and violence against all who are deemed the enemy, helped along with mechanization of instruments of military implements for sustaining power, it is unfortunate our planet, no longer having the ability to sustain such luxuries for the few, who like the buildings of the past, are becoming relics, and burden for the rich who no longer have the ability to maintain, rapidly losing their history, the safety of traditions, families who had a sense of identity, the Barons of yesterday, now lost in modernism.

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