Winners and Losers in David Cameron’s Society?

David Cameron's visit

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The following story on Bob Diamond‘s £3 million bonus is well worth a read. Check it out!

BBC News – Barclays, citizenship and bonuses.

The article is by Robert Peston the Business editor at the BBC. Bob Diamond is the US chief executive of Barclays Bank.

For me, the article signals that it is time to look at the likely winners and losers in David Cameron‘s society.

Here is my starter list:


  • Bankers
  • Politicians, with fat expense accounts and gold-plated pensions
  • Captains of industry, top executives in major corporations
  • Partners in major consulting, accounting, legal and other professional firms
  • Immigrant labour from other EU countries


It’s a bit like George Orwell‘s famous Animal Farm

We’re all equal but some are more equal than others….

What do you think?

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  13. One does not need to be Robert Peston to know that the UK is a deeply unequal society and that the process of making it more unequal has been going on for many decades prior to the time that this Oxbridge educated reporter complete with Masonic tie was even born.

    Today, it is not possible for the average UK citizen without external financial help to buy a home prior to the age of 40 and an official at the Bank of England actually said that he thought that this was “no bad thing ” and that he could see “no reason for mortgage lenders to extend mortgage terms beyond normal retirement age to accommodate such people”.

    Effectively, with a housing shortage of 5.4 million houses excluding the other 4.5 million that need to be built for the other illegal immigrants who are already here and probably cannot all be found and removed by the Home Office, this means that the average UK citizen, cannot marry, set up a home or co-habit /have offspring in the way that people like our parents and grandparents once could.

    With a replacement rate of less than 2.4 children per indigenous couple one is faced with the prospect of racial extinction and penury in old age for those that are left.

    For others who marry younger, have more children and who operate a more collectivist approach to money they represent the “meek” (old Hebrew for many) who will inherit” the earth” (the Green and pleasant land” people sometimes sing about).

    This process has been deliberately accelerated over the past 20 years to coincide with the various financial crises that have been engineered, the attempt to squeeze extra taxation out of the elderly who have had savings and the planned rationing of healthcare for the over 65s in the NHS.

    In short, it is little more than ethnic cleansing by stealth, not squeezing the middle but impoverishing them and then through NHS decision trees and encouraging people to consume foods/enjoy lifestyles which are not good for them, slowly killing them off.

    At the other end of the spectrum, we have Times 1000 Chief Executives grossing £2.7 million GBP excluding emoluments, Hedge Fund operators on as much as £1 billion GBP and a gap between those on average incomes and those at the top of around 100 to 1 rising to as much as 450 to 1.

    Money which is collected through taxation in the UK does not remain here, nor does the corporate sector above the Jordans 5000 pay its way.

    Google here and globally pays 3% corporation tax, Vodaphone pays none at all and was recently let off £6 billion GBP by the outgoing CEO of the HMRC, Dave Hartnett who is retiring on his full pension and made a laughing stock of the Public Accounts Committee and Margaret Hodge by not answering questions about the Vodaphone case and others where “sweetheart deals” had been done by him, sometimes against the advice of HMRC’s lawyers.

    One can go through the list of Times 1000 companies one at a time and the story is the same Big Business, particularly the banks pays nothing like its fair share of tax because its lawyers and accountants are light years ahead of the sleepy headed apparachiks employed by HMRC and are paid much more so that the situation stays that way.

    At other levels of society one can see cronyism, nepotism and opaqueness everywhere with the same result of greater inequality and lack of advancement on merit.

    My own local authority, in common with many others up and down the country makes decisions in secret and appoints people on the basis not of full transparency but on the basis of whether or not they are Freemasons, related to Freemasons are married to them or have some connection with the local golf club which is similarly connected to the local lodge.

    This sort of nepotism exists in banking, law, the judiciary, the upper ranks of the police, medium sized businesses, academia within the Rhodes Group of Universities, broadcasting (remember Robert Peston’s tie), larger local authorities, politics and within traditional industry.

    Most people do not realise what they are looking at when and how these people communicate because they use a secret language of grips, signs and passwords.

    It is possible by reading the right material to decode it and through understanding the meaning of shapes and si gils to see precisely what we are being told and how society is structured and being refashioned so that there is to eventually be a top a bottom but no middle.

    So advanced is the process within the UK and America that both countries now serve as the model for two of the most unequal societies in the world outside of India,the 3rd World and some South American countries.

    Within Europe, the UK is the most unequal society and until it decides to replace or remove outmoded institutions, the process will go on until either the people rebel and wake up or until they succumb completely to the bark of the sheepdog.

    • John,

      It’s a sad state of affairs when two life-time Tory supporters are so critical of a Tory led Government!

      Personally, I was a passionate supporter of Lady Thatcher when she was Prime Minister.

      I will go along with the general thrust of your argument for now but it’s a very sad state of affairs.

      What astounds me is that over the last year, I have become more and more liberal with my views. I actually find that I agree with Labour Party policies, rather than those proposed by the Coalition Government. More and more, I reflect that the Coalition Government was not elected by the people of the UK.

      Surely, the policies of David Cameron’s Government neither represent traditional Conversative nor Liberal Party views?

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