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Adam Smith Institute

Adam Smith Institute (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

This is a must-read article by influential think-tank, the Adam Smith Institute. Check it out!

via If Jeremy Corbyn wins… « Adam Smith Institute.

Personally, I do not think that the risks that the ASI paints are alarmist, they’re considered and realistic.

It’s time to wake-up, this isn’t just about the future of the Labour Party, it’s about the future of the UK too.


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  1. Jeremy Corbyn should be a wake-up call to any sane person but his plan is to let the Trades Unions attack the Government through unofficial strikes, street protests and “direct action” and then enlist the votes of the young and disaffected plus the weakest in society and then get into Downing Street with an overwhelming majority.

    People who imagine this “useful fool”, as Stalin used to describe such people, is going to become Labour leader and then step down to make room for someone else are dreaming. This man intends to go all the way and will need to be removed just as Harold Wilson was in his day by people said to be close to the late Mountbatten (Dr Alf and others old enough to remember will recall the speed of Wilson’s resignation and the fact that no reason was ever given for his departure).

    Corbyn wants to remove all our nuclear weapons and send the Americans home from Fylingdales, Bentwaters and from Lakenheath, which is set to double in size following the closure of Mildenhall air force base in Suffolk. Fortunately they have more sense than to allow that to happen so he would either have an unfortunate accident or be “sanctioned with extreme prejudice” possibly by a disaffected “buy to let landlord”.

    Corbyn is wrong for Britain.

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