Past 5 years European Commission initiated measures reducing red tape for businesses by up to €32.3 bn/year – Press Release

The legislative triangle of the European Union

The legislative triangle of the European Union (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


European flag outside the Commission

European flag outside the Commission (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


José Manuel Durão Barroso

José Manuel Durão Barroso (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


This press release from the European Commission  is WELL-WORTH A READ. Check it out!


EUROPA – PRESS RELEASES – Press release – President Barroso and Edmund Stoiber call on Member States to step up efforts to cut red tape for SMEs and improve the efficiency of their public administrations.


For me, this is a truly amazing story, the European Commission has been responsible for massive, unquantifiable bureaucracy and inefficiency for decades and now has the hypocrisy to gloat over their success in reducing bureaucracy.


Once again, this makes me think that the EU bureaucrats are in it for themselves, with their gold-standard pension, deep expense accounts, generous benefits and high salaries – these are the people who are proposing austerity for everybody but themselves.


For me, it is time to repatriate power to national governments in Europe.


Any thoughts?



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5 responses

  1. The most effective way to cut EU red tape effecting national business and systems of governance is to simply leave the EU, the very organisation responsible for all the red tape in the first place! Their latest scheme, to be put before MEP’s for example, seeks to enforce national requirements for imposing quota’d representation of Romany women in national and local politics and bureaucracy, regardless of sovereign systems for elected representation. Madness!

    “According to research by the TaxPayers’ Alliance (TPA), there are currently 16,980 EU acts in force and between 1998 and 2007 there was a net gain of 9,415 EU laws. In 2007, 3,010 EU laws became UK law, while only 993 EU regulations were repealed – a net gain of 2,017 extra laws.”

    They’ll have to go an awfully long way to dent the EU red tape already in force and which runs contrary to their stated goal of increased European integration and Federal control.
    We should be allowed a legally binding referendum on EU membership before the end of the current Parliament, before we’re denied the choice altogether!

  2. Dr Alf has hit the nail on the head many powers should be repatriated back to national Governments.
    No objective analysis of EU red tape could possibly come up with the idea that there is less of it.
    Indeed the reverse is true which means that in addition to being in it for themselves EU apparachiks are also purveyors of untruths and bogus figures.

    When, and if, powers are repatriated, which seems unlikely because Mrs Merkel does not want states outside of Germany to be “all alone in a world of 7 billion people”(her riposte to Nigel Farage) televised in a BBC program which I watched last week all about her inexorable rise from humble beginnings in Eastern Europe to becoming perhaps the most powerful woman in the World.

      • I love Europe! I just don’t think we, or any other individual nation state, should be ruled by it. We joined a free trade association, what we got is the slow and expensive march towards unelected Federal control at the expense of our sovereignty and democracy.
        Federal Europe has become too self serving and will now happily sacrifice any individual member nation’s economy and it’s people to ensure the survival of the “EU” super state. It’s communism by the back door!

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