Corbyn won the battle on Saudi jails. Now it’s time to defend British justice | Anne Perkins | Comment is free | The Guardian

English: Saudi Arabia

English: Saudi Arabia (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

According to the left-leaning Guardian, Jeremy Corbyn has the perfect opportunity at PMQs to start the fightback against unjust court charges that make people pay for protesting their innocence.

Source: Corbyn won the battle on Saudi jails. Now it’s time to defend British justice | Anne Perkins | Comment is free | The Guardian

Corbyn is already responsible for losing miliary sales for the UK, whilst France cuts new deals with Saudi Arabia, Russia and India.

Corbyn is a joke but he’s also a serious risk to the UK.

Corbyn has already damaged Britain’s foreign policy in the Middle East and threatens to do the same with China in next week’s state banquet hosted by the Queen for the Chinese President.

I expect financial analysts to start counting the cost of the ‘Corbyn Risk’ in financial projections and asset values. The hard-left, like Corbyn and his supporters are more interested in their own political dogma and indoctrinating the weaker members of UK society, irrespective of the evidence. It’s sad that the left-leaning Guardian is drawn deeper into this web.


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  1. Dr Alf brings us another interesting post from the Guardian which through columnist Anne Perkins is propounding inaccurate nonsense.
    To begin with Jeremy Corbyn did not stop the Saudi prison deal, Michael Gove the Justice Minister did.
    Secondly, Corbyn is not a fully functioning Privy Councillor because of his failure to observe protocol and, therefore, cannot function under the rules as an opposition leader with proper or full effect.
    Indeed, he cannot even get access to the defence intelligence briefings that are available to the Government so cannot “hold them to account ” for their policies.
    Corbyn does not even know that the Bank of England is the creation of Lord Rothschild so his pronouncements about “making it more accountable” and “quantitative easing ” for the people are just so much hot air.
    Anne Perkins should know this as well and if she doesn’t she needs to find an easier way to earn a living.
    Jeremy Corbyn if he is allowed to attend the banquet with the Queen and Xi Jin Ping will create embarrassment by pontificating about human rights and cost the country billions in lost contracts and trade just as David Cameron managed to do before realising that the best person to send to China was George Osborne.
    The unjust court charges can be fixed with means testing and of course Perkins does not talk about the scandal of unpaid fines which the rest of us have to pay for, about which Jeremy Corbyn has nothing to say.

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