Opinion – Scottish independence: UK RIP? | The Economist – John Gelmini

English: The Salmond government Scottish Cabin...

English: The Salmond government Scottish Cabinet meeting for the first time around the Cabinet Table at Bute House, in May 2007. (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Scotland‘s economy has never been self sustaining so what Dr Alf and the Economist are saying and have been saying are obvious statements of fact.

For hundreds of years people of Scottish descent have emigrated to the four corners of the globe for precisely that reason and there are now 80 million of them living everywhere in the world other than Scotland.

The Scottish population by contrast is just 5.5 million plus large numbers of sheep and cattle.

North Sea oil revenues are lower than Alex Salmond says they are by a very wide margin and salmon, whiskey, wool, fund management and tourism is simply not enough to make the difference.

Alex Salmond hopes that by promising armies of deprived Scottish benefit recipients he can get Labour voters to switch their allegiance to him and he imagines that he can get David Cameron, who is a useless negotiator, to make concessions which allow him to keep the pound, retain North Sea Oil and keep the Barnett Formula subsidies.

The numbers do not add up and the Scots must be told directly no more money and put up or shut up.

Either they want independence and are really on their own, or they stay as they are.

Scottish independence will cause a mass exodus, similar to the effects of the Highland Clearances and a lot of them will come south looking for work, whilst the best and brightest will go to Australia, Canada and America.

Alex Salmond’s bluff must be called and he must be exposed for what he is, a man determined to mislead, obfuscate and confuse for his own ends.

We are better off together.

John Gelmini

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  1. Hear! Hear! I too believe Alex Salmond is vigorously carrying out the agenda of the break up of Britain. I think that is the real goal behind his Scottish independence campaign.

    It seems the requirement for the future is lots of little countries comprising around 5 million people, small enough populations as to be ineffectual!

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